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27 08, 2020
  • 6-reasons-your-facility-needs-a-barrier-gate-system

6 Reasons Your Facility Needs a Barrier Gate System

6 Benefits of a Barrier Gate System
A barrier gate can do wonders for your facility’s security
There are many types of security systems but a barrier gate acts as your first line of protection.

So if you have your own premises to take care of, you will definitely need an entrance gate system for maximum security.

If you’re not convinced, here is a list of the benefits of a barrier gate system for your property.  […]

13 08, 2020
  • reasons-your-business-needs-cctv-cameras-in-2020

10 Reasons Your Business Needs CCTV Cameras in 2020

Why every business needs CCTV cameras

Never underestimate the importance of a video surveillance system

CCTV cameras have been an essential security system all over the world. Apart from home security, they are the primary security systems for business. 

This is because CCTV systems help monitor the surroundings with no hassle. Thus, workers can go about their day peacefully. 

Other than fingerprint time attendance and attendance systems, a video surveillance system reliably provides quality and seamless monitoring. This gives you some peace of mind as you go about your daily operations.

Furthermore, a quality CCTV camera system can also enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business. 


14 07, 2020

7 Reasons Why You Need a Biometric Attendance System in Malaysia

Why every facility needs a biometric attendance system

A biometric attendance system can easily scan and collect data in a blink of an eye

A biometric attendance system is quickly becoming an essential electronic security system for door access control. 

Not only does it provide instant verification, but Human Resources can also use the time attendance system to audit logs and analysis for staff payrolls.

Although the biometric access control system is becoming more critical and complex, some facilities are still not aware of its importance for their building access control system. 

Here’s why your facility really needs to integrate your security system with biometric access control. […]

9 07, 2020
  • biometric-time-attendance

13 Most Common FAQs on Biometric Time Attendance

Top Most Asked Questions on Time Attendance Systems
Whether you’re looking for a time and attendance device or upgrading your current biometric time attendance system, there are a lot of aspects to consider.

Ask your chosen time attendance machine supplier for a specific explanation on what you’re interested in.

However, we’ve decided to compile all the common asked questions to better help you understand. So note these down to guide your next purchase.


19 06, 2020
  • door-access-control-systems-for-top-security

8 Types of Door Access Control Systems for Top Security

What are the types of door access control systems?

Equip your business with an access control system for maximum security and safety

Having a access control system throughout a building has benefits not just to guard from non-personnel. Not only functional as a time attendance system, it can also protect your employees, patrons, information, equipment and other assets.

To be more secure, using a biometric system rather than a conventional passcode system is much more reliable. A biometric system includes devices that can instantly scan a fingerprint, face, retina or even voice.

So, it is in your best interest to install the best security system for your own good. Here’s a list of the top door access control systems that will better protect your property. […]

2 06, 2020

How is a Biometric Time Attendance System Installed?

Biometric Time Attendance Device Installed?

A biometric time attendance system enables easier data collection for any management.

A biometric time attendance system is used to generate, calculate and analyze the attendance and door access’ data for a better assessment of movement.

An attendance system includes but is not limited to fingerprint, machine learning facial recognition, iris recognition, retinal scan and voice recognition.

This payroll problem-solver promises efficiency like no other. Interested to have it? Here’s what you need to know about how it is installed.


6 05, 2015

Technical Support

Consists of General Technical Issues, User Manuals and Guides etc..

General Technical Issues

Frequent Asked Questions
Enrolment Quick Guide
Enrolment Hint […]

12 03, 2015

Why Fingerprint?

Unique, Identification, Convenience, Irrefutable and Cost Saving.

5 03, 2015

The History of fingerprint Identification

Fingerprints offer an infallible means of personal identification. That is the essential explanation for their having supplanted other methods of […]

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