6 Benefits of a Barrier Gate System

A barrier gate can do wonders for your facility’s security

There are many types of security systems but a barrier gate acts as your first line of protection.

So if you have your own premises to take care of, you will definitely need an entrance gate system for maximum security.

If you’re not convinced, here is a list of the benefits of a barrier gate system for your property. 

What is barrier gate system?

A barrier gate system is a system that grants security access for either vehicles and people before entering the premises. They can enhance security and privacy by automated monitoring of access.

Moreover, barrier gate systems can reduce the possibility of human errors with the help of a controlled system. A security barrier gate is highly suitable for residential areas, car parks, shopping centers and office buildings.

6 Reasons Your Facility Needs a Barrier Gate System


Keeps your premises secure

Usually, office buildings and residential areas have restricted access where only staff or authorized people can enter. Hence, you will need a gate barrier system to prevent any trespassers from accessing the building.

In the event that someone needs temporary access, they will have to provide relevant details to the security guard before given access. Thus, your premises will be safe and secure from any unauthorized entry before they come near your building.

An entrance gate can reduce traffic

A gate access control system can help control traffic. This is because a gate barrier system allows a specific time interval between each vehicle or person. Thus, every entry and exit is more organized and controlled which can greatly help to save time and prevent possible disputes.

Shopping centers greatly benefit from an auto barrier gate system because you can integrate it into an entry/exit system. This can let people know the number of available parkings. So, they won’t have to drive around in circles which will create more traffic inside the parking area.

Barrier gate systems are cost-efficient

Facilities without an entrance system such as a straight arm barrier gate or a turnstile gate will generally spend more on security. This is due to the monthly salaries for the security guards for 24/7 work.

Therefore, by purchasing a gate barrier system, you can considerably cut security costs with a one-time payment and infrequent maintenance. Now you can safely reduce the manpower for your security by applying an automated barrier gate system.

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An adaptable security system

Because of its automated features, a gate access control system is adaptable regardless of facility. They are easily programmed to suit every individual and vehicle.

All you need to do is to enter the required details in the system. Also, you can easily remove any person or vehicle from accessing the premises with a click of a button.

Reduce human errors with a barrier gate

Since a gate barrier system is automated, you can significantly reduce any human errors that can happen accidentally. You can prevent forgetting to lock the gates, giving access to the wrong people or even neglect.

For example, in high-security areas, guards won’t have to pat down search every individual if they have a metal detector in place. This will not only protect their private space but also guards can detect any dangerous items from entering the premises.


A system that enhances a facility’s prestige

When you see a building with a barrier gate system, you feel that they are an esteemed establishment that prioritizes security. Without a gate access control system, people can come and go as they please.

Premises with an auto gate system such as a flap barrier gate or a boom gate are safe from security breeches. This is because potential criminals would not dare to enter with the added security.

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Choose from the best barrier gate supplier

Now that you know the advantages of an entrance gate system, you need to consider purchasing this security system if you value your facility.

Nevertheless, it is best to focus on quality so choose a certified barrier gate supplier that can meet your needs with cost-effective solutions.

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