What are the types of door access control systems?

Equip your business with an access control system for maximum security and safety

Having a access control system throughout a building has benefits not just to guard from non-personnel. Not only functional as a time attendance system, it can also protect your employees, patrons, information, equipment and other assets.

To be more secure, using a biometric system rather than a conventional passcode system is much more reliable. A biometric system includes devices that can instantly scan a fingerprint, face, retina or even voice.

So, it is in your best interest to install the best security system for your own good. Here’s a list of the top door access control systems that will better protect your property.

1. Fingerprint Door Access Control Reader

fingerprint door access control reader

The innovative biometric fingerprint reader uses an advanced algorithm for unparalleled performance ensuring precision, reliability and astounding biometric matching speed.

The model TA818 device can be installed on its own or with a third party panel that supports 260bit Wiegand. Equipped with top performance optical fingerprint sensor, all operations are made possible on the TFT-LCD. The user can simply place their finger on the fingerprint image on the screen before having access to enter the premises.

Features of fingerprint scanner

  1. Durable and highly accurate sensor
  2. Stores 1,500 templates, 5,000 cards and 30,000 transactions
  3. Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports
  4. Optional integrated smart card reader
  5. Tamper-proof switch and alarm outputs
  6. Request-to-exit and alarm contacts
  7. Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid scans

2. Fingerprint Door Access Exit Reader

fingerprint door access exit reader

Another electronic security system is the fingerprint exit reader ER1200. It has a RS485 communication interface for biometic access controllers and fingerprint standalone access control.

The ER1200 captures and transfers the fingerprint samples to the control panel inside the premises for recognition before exiting. With its IP65 rated rugged structure, this access control system offers extra durability suitable for all weather conditions. 

Features of fingerprint exit reader

  1. High speed performance
  2. IP65 rated structure
  3. Fingerprint recognition
  4. RFID verification
  5. Weather-proof
  6. Professional design

3. Fingerprint Door Access Reader

fingerprint door access reader

Another fingerprint access control device is the  VA300. Its slim and elegant design makes it specifically suitable for offices, retail outlets and residential areas whilst promising utmost security.

Features of fingerprint door access reader

  1. No optical coating (less maintenance required)
  2. 2.8″ TFT-LCD color screen
  3. Built-in door access controller
  4. Reads fingerprints, RFID card and PIN number
  5. Small and simple design

4. Face & Fingerprint Identification Reader

face & fingerprint identification reader

If you’re looking for more than a fingerprint scanner, VF700 is the new generation biometric device for you. It is the ideal solution for time attendance and access control. With an ability to store 1,500 faces and 2,000 fingerprint templates, it is highly suitable for premises such as factories and offices that require flexible verification modes.

The smart facial recognition feature is based on relative positions, size and shape of user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw features. This can significantly avoid the act of buddy punching among users. Combined with fingerprint, PIN and RFID readers, it can securely perform up to 20 verification methods accustomed to your needs.

Features of face & fingerprint identification reader

  1. Multiple verification modes
  2. 3.0″ TFT touch screen
  3. Fast and accurate identification algorithm
  4. Able to function in dark environments
  5. Full access control features
  6. Easy installation and Connectivity

5. Face & Fingerprint Reader

face & fingerprint reader

Another popular facial and fingerprint identification device is the VF460 complete with RFID and PIN recognition as well. It supports up to 1,500 face templates and 2,000 templates without dividing groups. Moreover, the time to verify a user’s identification takes less than a second!

Apart from its elegant and compact design fit for office environments, the VF460 can be easily operated through a 2.8 inch TFT touch screen for a no-nonsense security solution.  

Features of face & fingerprint reader

  1. Professional facial & fingerprint identification
  2. 2.8″ TFT touch screen
  3. RFID or PIN verification enabled
  4. Infra-red optical system
  5. Supports USB downloading

6. Visible Light Face Recognition & Fingerprint Reader

visible light face & fingerprint reader

Equipped with the latest facial recognition algorithm and streamlined technology, the VF500 can connect with a third party electric lock, door sensor, exit buttons and more. This multi-biometric time and attendance system can support up to 3,000 faces and 3,000 fingerprints without dividing groups. 

By communicating through TCP/IP and a USB host, the VF500 access control device ensures a smooth connection and data transfer. Apart from its refined design, it is popularly used for its remarkable verification speed and intuitive operation making it the ideal option for an office security system.

Features of face & fingerprint reader

  1. Visible light face recognition
  2. 5″ touch screen
  3. Dual cameras for real-time face detection
  4. 0.3 – 3m recognition distance
  5. TCP/IP. WiFi Communication

7. [Hot Selling] Masked Face Recognition with Thermal Scanner

masked face recognition with thermal scanner

For a more advanced security system, the VF800 Masked Face Recognition with Thermal Scanner is the ultimate time and attendance system. Engineered with the latest facial recognition algorithm and streamlined technology, a whopping 6,000 faces and 6,000 fingerprints plus 3,000 palms can be stored. 

This access control device is perfect for wear masks especially in the pandemic situation. It can successfully recognize employees wearing masks and their body temperature for extra safety and hygiene to avoid any viral infections. 

The VF800 is able to communicate via TCP/IP and a USB host for a smooth connection and data transfer along with instant verification and intuitive process. 

The VF800 is  very suitable for hospital, governmental, learning institutions, factories and offices where a large number of users require verification  for door access.

Features of masked face and temperature scanner 

  1. Masked face recognition
  2. Equipped with thermal sensor 
  3. 5″ touch screen
  4. 0.3 – 3m recognition distance
  5. TCP/IP. WiFi Communication

8. RFID Card Reader

rfid card reader

Looking for a basic non-biometric door access system? The TP103 can meet your requirements as a standalone proximity card reader able to be installed in a lone or networked environment. Other than its ability to prevent foreign entries, it includes a fast verification method equipped with an easy enrollment process. 

Features of masked face and temperature scanner 

  1. Captures fingerprint logs for both entry and exit
  2. Anti-passback option to prevent illegal entries
  3. Function as door access & time attendance
  4. No optical coating (less maintenance required)
  5. Transaction logs can be transferred via USB thumb drive
  6. Multiple reading methods (fingerprint, RFID card or PIN number)
  7. 6 function keys (heck-in, check-out, OT-in, OT-out, break-in, break-out)
  8. 3 forwarding ports (remote access via dynamic IP address)


How to Choose the Best Access Control System for Your Organization

There are many factors to consider when choosing the type of door access control system for your property. Whether its due to the nature of your organization, security procedures or the number of users, the right security system should not be taken lightly.

If some of the access control devices seem too complicated for you, we at Vigilance Security are constantly at your disposal to prepare for the future together with you.

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