Why every facility needs a biometric attendance system

A biometric attendance system can easily scan and collect data in a blink of an eye

A biometric attendance system is quickly becoming an essential electronic security system for door access control

Not only does it provide instant verification, but Human Resources can also use the time attendance system to audit logs and analysis for staff payrolls.

Although the biometric access control system is becoming more critical and complex, some facilities are still not aware of its importance for their building access control system

Here’s why your facility really needs to integrate your security system with biometric access control.

1. Biometric Systems Increases Employee Safety

Anything can happen nowadays, especially with the rising advancement of technology. 

Identity fraud has risen as well considering the rapid progression of cybersecurity. Hence, the need to apply a cloud time attendance system for your building. 

Moreover, you can easily grant access to those who are verified to enter. With a biometric attendance system like the Vigilance attendance management system will ensure your employees are safe. 

2. Customize Access with a Biometric System

If you’re still using a conventional access control security system such as a traditional key and lock, you should definitely consider upgrading your access system. 

By using a certified biometric access control system, you can customize your door entry systems for certain people at certain times. 

For example, you can deny access before or after working hours or give access to your admin staff 24/7. 

That’s why a time attendance device sold by a verified security solutions company is more costly than third party online shops due to its customization advantage. 

3. Access Control Systems Prevent Trespassers 

Facilities with a biometric attendance  system such as fingerprint time attendance, thumbprint attendance (mesin thumbprint), and facial recognition experience no intruders.

Because of its smart tech, door access control only works on pre-registered users with biometric access. 

So, not only your employees are safe, but your building is also safely protected from intruders with the use of door entry systems along with security cameras. 

4. Fast Reports Using Cloud-Based Time Attendance


Installing a cloud-based biometric access control system will definitely benefit your HR management.

Particularly, a cloud time attendance system can easily generate your building’s trafficAdditionally, a report of any user’s entry points and access can be generated by using the wireless access control

Not only does this ease the reports by Human Resources, but it can also be used to track whoever accessed the building at a specific period of time for whenever an incident occurs. 

5. Avoid Duplication with a Biometric System

Buildings who use a lock and key or a card reader run the risk of certain users who decide to duplicate them at their nearest and cheapest hardware store. 

Some workers can even replicate their badges for buddy punching a badge reader. To prevent this from ever happening, you need a time attendance system using biometrics

Surely, a fingerprint, face, or iris can’t ever be duplicated or lost and misused by the wrong people. Throw away those physical keys and upgrade to a better security system today. 

6. Attendance Systems Protect Sensitive Data

Do you keep confidential information in your office? Is there any customer data stored inside? Or are you keeping valuable items in your facility? 

If your answer is yes, you desperately need an electronic security system. Keep all your sensitive data safe with an additional layer of security. 

Not only are they protected from the grimy hands of intruders but also safe from your own employees if you choose to customize your biometric access control device. Talk about top security. 

7. Integrate your Biometric Attendance System

A lot of the time most people ask us ‘Why is your Biometric Attendance System so expensive?’. If you search for a biometric access control device online, you’ll find they are way cheaper but that’s just because they only provide the device. 

You need an all-inclusive access control system. Vigilance provides modern attendance systems that can integrate with your company’s HR record software and after-sales service to help you. 

This way, it is so much easier to update new recruits or discontinue access for those no longer working with you. 

Keep your facility safe


Your building is in dire need of an electronic access system for better security 

In conclusion, biometric access control is the ideal option for facilities and buildings that need a higher level of security. If you value your business assets and staff, it should be on top of your priority list. 

That’s why Vigilance has a wide selection of options available that are highly technical and incredibly reliable. 

We at Vigilance Security are constantly fine-tuning our services and systems to prepare for the future together with you.

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