Biometric Time Attendance Device Installed?

A biometric time attendance system enables easier data collection for any management.

A biometric time attendance system is used to generate, calculate and analyze the attendance and door access’ data for a better assessment of movement.

An attendance system includes but is not limited to fingerprint, machine learning facial recognition, iris recognition, retinal scan and voice recognition.

This payroll problem-solver promises efficiency like no other. Interested to have it? Here’s what you need to know about how it is installed.

Consultation on Time Attendance Systems

First of all, schedule a consultation session with your security systems supplier about installing the staff attendance system.

This is when you’ll be able to browse through the different scanners and all your questions regarding them will be answered.

The supplier will then recommend the most efficient biometric readers for your business along with the best placement it should be installed.

Further information about Time and attendance, you may refer to

Installing the Biometric Time Attendance Device

Once you have decided on your attendance tracking security system, a date will be set for the electrical installation.

However, you can also request only a delivery and remote support if you already have a non contact time attendance system technician who can install the system.

Eitherway, installing a time and attendance system will require electric equipment such as the device and power buffer supply, and wires such as power cords and LAN wires.


Installing the Time Attendance Software

After the electrical installation, the technical team will then install the worker attendance software on your computer and server.

This will configure your fingerprint scanner software or face recognition software with the fingerprint or face recognition system.

Now you are nearly ready to use the installed fingerprint or facial recognition attendance system.

Fingerprint and Face Recognition System Training

All personnel must be trained on how to use the facial recognition attendance system device. Your device supplier will help train all staff that will have access to the biometric scanner.

They will learn several procedures such as how to login, using the installed non contact biometric attendance system according to shifts or overtime hours and other necessary features.

Following the training, the inhouse human resource department can gradually learn how to manage log analyses for payrolls.

Registering Employee’s Biometrics

The registration of members is the last procedure of the biometric attendance installation. Fingerprints, face recognition or proximity cards are registered and inputted into the time attendance system.

The staff attendance system will securely store their data for future use of access control once the user registration process is completed.

This procedure can be repeated depending on the different facilities and scanners you have planned to install following the different staff departments or locations for better efficiency.

Biometric Time Attendance System Support

Security systems suppliers like Vigilance provide extra after sales services.

In most cases, businesses need a helping hand to master their newly installed time attendance system.

This includes warranty support with minimum downtime, online support and video tutorials.

As a result of excellent customer service, everyone will know how to manage their attendance time tracking system.

Be ready for the future


Office automation is crucial for today’s business for the sake of the future.

In conclusion, whether you work for a government sector, factory or in manufacturing, office automation data is the most valuable asset moving forward.

Although the total price may seem costly but if you don’t implement a biometric security system now, it will cost your business more since this is the future.

We at Vigilance Security are constantly fine-tuning our services and systems to prepare for the future together with you.

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