Why Fingerprint?

Unique, Identification, Convenience, Irrefutable and Cost Saving.

  • UNIQUE characteristic / patent of human fingerprint makes “You are You”. Twins can have similar face, body, hair or height BUT their Fingerprint patent are different
  • IDENTIFICATION is different from Verification. Using a ID Card or Proximity Card is a Verification. The system only can tell the Card is PASS or FAIL and the system can’t tell who is the right person should having the card. Fingerprint Identification will tell who are you and no one could replace your fingerprint patent.
  • CONVENIENCE to use and no need to carry anything with you. Most important thing, you won’t forget.
  • IRREFUTABLE in Time Attendance reports will produce better “Return Of Investment” and in long term will improve discipline. Reduce labour hours in calculation will concurrently reduce flaws / mistake.
  • COST SAVING in employment, overtime and no repeating expenditure over cards.

Why Fingerprint Time Management System (TMS)?

  • NO more buddy punching
  • NO cards replacement
  • NO manual calculation
  • Cost Saving

Why Fingerprint Access Control?

  • HIGH security level
  • Avoid unauthorized access, “You Are You”
  • NO need cards – Convenient and You can forget the common reasons “I FORGOT”
  • Fingerprint is an IDENTIFICATION
  • Vigilance fingerprint reader that combines door access control system and time clocking system, designed to safeguard your company as well as to improve your employee’s discipline and productivity.

When and where you apply Fingerprint System (Time Attendance and Access Control) ?

  • Fingerprint Access Control enhance your security well-being and reduce your worries towards unauthorized entry, besides this you may utilize further the common need of Time Attendance record. Office, Factory, Condominium and College are the most recommended areas.