Why every business needs CCTV cameras

Never underestimate the importance of a video surveillance system

CCTV cameras have been an essential security system all over the world. Apart from home security, they are the primary security systems for business. 

This is because CCTV systems help monitor the surroundings with no hassle. Thus, workers can go about their day peacefully. 

Other than fingerprint time attendance and attendance systems, a video surveillance system reliably provides quality and seamless monitoring. This gives you some peace of mind as you go about your daily operations.

Furthermore, a quality CCTV camera system can also enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business. 

What is CCTV and how does it work?

A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a closed-circuit system. This means its signal transmission is closed to transmit footage to a chosen monitor. 

Particularly, a CCTV works as a video surveillance system that can record real-time images and videos. Whether for business properties, homes or even roads, a CCTV camera provides video surveillance in both private and public property. 

Moreover, CCTV systems can monitor premises around the clock 24/7. The CCTV device is mainly designed with a camera, recorder, lens and monitor that can constantly record the area. Then, the captured recordings will be sent and saved to different monitors for data. 

What are the benefits of CCTV cameras?

  1. Fully protects whole premises
  2. Prevents potential crimes
  3. Used as evidence and proof
  4. Monitors high-risk areas
  5. Provides real-time video surveillance
  6. Enhances the productivity of employees
  7. Reduce potential unwanted incidences
  8. Used to settle conflicts
  9. Improves the experience of customers
  10. Reduces security costs


1. CCTV camera fully protects your business

It is unsettling when you don’t have complete knowledge of what goes around your business. That’s why you need CCTV systems to fully monitor operations whenever you need it.

Furthermore, with quality video surveillance, business owners can keep an eye on all operations and whether everything is following set regulations.  

Equally important, human errors and mistakes such as unlocked doors can be known through a complete security system and resolved accordingly. 

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2. Video surveillance protects against crime

The most common reason why every business needs a CCTV camera system is to prevent crimes, especially theft.

If strategically placed at all points of entry, you can safely detect any break-ins, vandalism and other crimes. 

Not only that, if you don’t have a biometric attendance system, your employees can easily enter and commit property theft right under your noses. 

So, a CCTV camera system is important to keep potential crimes at bay and your business safe. 

3. A CCTV camera recording is evidence

Although a CCTV can prevent crimes from happening, it may still happen. But, in the event of a crime, everything is recorded and can be used as proof. 

Therefore, serious crimes can be used by the higher authorities to hunt down criminals effectively. On the other hand, if the CCTV camera caught one of your employees stealing from you, as the boss, you can take matters in your own hands. 


4. High-risk areas can be monitored

If your business keeps expensive products and property or confidential information on the property, they are considered as high-risk areas.

Thus, by installing a system security management like CCTV surveillance, it is much easier to keep those areas safe and secure.

On the contrary, say you’re working in the industrial sector such as manufacturing or construction. There must be areas that have heavy equipment and potential hazards.

Therefore, by directing video surveillance towards those particular areas, any incidents that happen to your employees or clients can be monitored.

5. Monitor in real-time with video surveillance

Most people need a CCTV camera to surveil their premises in real-time. This is because the recordings are easily accessible through a connected monitor.

Thus, businesses that don’t prefer hiring security guards can opt to install a video surveillance system. This will help avoid any human errors and every inch of your business can be monitored safely.


6. A security system that enhances employee productivity

A lot of the time, people are cautious about what they do when they are being watched. This is why a CCTV system is needed.

This will prove beneficial to keep an eye on your employees. If that is the case, your employees will certainly work better if they know they are being monitored throughout their shift.

As opposed to idleness and time-wasting, a better work ethic will be practiced and before long, your business will be booming.

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7. CCTV systems can reduce harassments

Time and time again there have been countless cases of harassment and assaults at the workplace. Testimony by the victim may not always work since there are two sides to the story.

Thus, a CCTV camera system can help detect any type of assault whether sexual or physical. Moreover, potential offenders are made aware of CCTVs so they are discouraged to act on their negative feelings.

8. Video surveillance can help settle conflicts

Be it between employees, superiors or clients, conflicts are bound to happen at some point. When they do happen, finding the cause of it all can help solve the problem.

However, word-of-mouth isn’t always trustworthy. So, CCTV surveillance can help determine the exact root of the problem.

Thus, combined with sufficient proof and good decision-making, conflicts can be solved easily without fear of favoritism or bias.


9. CCTV cameras enhance customer experience

If you work with clients coming into your business whether for purchasing or meetings, they need to know they are in a safe space.

With an installed video surveillance system, your customers will feel protected against any incidences. This will let them know that you value and care for their safety.

10. The security system that reduces security costs

A security machine like a CCTV camera can really cut down your security expenses. One of the reasons being you can reduce the number of security staff that are responsible to guard your premises.

Additionally, there are a lot of advanced CCTV systems on the market that are reliable and extremely functional. Likewise, they are low maintenance so you can opt to purchase several for your business with a lower cost of maintenance.

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Protect your business with CCTV cameras

Your business will do better when you install video surveillance

In conclusion, security system manufacturers are well aware of the security your business demands. All that’s left is for you to acknowledge it. 

Yet, you must do your research before purchasing a security system in Malaysia. Because something as technical as a CCTV cameras is a major decision a business owner needs to make. 

That’s why Vigilance Security Malaysia is prepared to answer all your questions about it. From the security device to the CCTV systems, we can help you make the right choice to protect your business. 

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