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FLB130 series provide a combination of reliable mechanical as well as electronic retriction for unauthorized visitor while still maintain a welcoming atmosphere. Access control and time attendance reader can be integrated into flap barrier to improve accuracy of reporting.

FLB130 series is an innovative pedestrian control technology that designed to achieve best balance quality, performance and affordability.

FLB130 series is ideal indoor solution for railway platform, passenger terminal, ferry, airports, checkpoints, factories, stadium, lift lobby of commercial, industrial or government building. Flap barrier give a more premium and organized entrance to your building.



Compared to tripod turnstile, Flap barrier allow wider opening and more comfortable passage for pedestrian of any size. User can bring along luggage or big parcel to pass through. Flap barrier can also allow user on wheel chair to pass through.

Flap barrier support up to 0.5 sec opening / closing time. This allow higher pass through traffic rate and effectively reduce long queue in front of entrance/exit door during peak hour.

Flap will only close after all IR sensor confirmed that the pedestrian has finished passing through.This ensure flap will not crush onto a pedestrian. During power failure, flap will automatically open by itself to allow free passage for emergency escape. Flap will automatically close back when power resume. Intelligent sensor will auto reverse the flap if there is a sudden incoming obstacle while the flap is closing. Flap will also auto reverse if there is something blocking the flap to avoid motor overload and damage itself.

Flap will auto close if there is no pedestrian passing through after the delay time elapsed.This will avoid unauthorized user from sneaking into the building when flap was opened wrongly. The delay time can be preset in control panel.

Built in high sensitivity infrared photocell to detect unauthorized and abnormal access. Alarm will sound and red light to alert security guard. Flap shall remain securely locked if it did not receive any authorized signal from access control system.

LED display at front and back can be set to display correct passage direction once activated. This ensure pedestrian go into the correct lane when multiple flap barrier is installed side by side. Display can show “X” if no access is permitted.


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Additional information

Power supply

AC220 ± 15V 50Hz
AC110 ± 15V 60Hz

Access device input voltage

Dry contact or 12V electrical level signal or > 100ms 12V impulse signal or driving current > 10mA

Motor voltage

DC 12V (brush motor)

Max flow rate

30 to 40 person per minute

Flap opening / closing time


Reset time when power on


Working temperature

25˚C – 50˚C


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